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Red Zeppelin | Salona 37

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Boat Details

Built: 2011
Length: 11.29 m
Cabins: 3
Category: Sailing yacht
Manufacturer: AD Boats
Beds: 8
Toilet: 1
Engine: 1 x Yanmar (30)
Model: Salona 37
Base: Marina Kastela, Croatia
Price: € 1400.00
€ 1400.00 (-0%)
12.04.2025 - 19.04.2025

Boat Description

It glides on the sea surface, light and spectacular same as it Zeppelin flights through the sky.
Its bright red coloured hull makes sure it doesn't go unnoticed when you want to be a star of the bay the but it merges with the sunset when you want to be invisible and escape from the world.

Salona hulls are light, sleek and slippery, whether in lots of wind or just a hint of a breeze. Still, they remain comfortable and well outfitted for extended coastal cruising—and the Salona 37 is no exception, as she offers a good turn of speed and a nice finish to boot. This boat is as all other Salona boats perfect racing yacht that provides great comfort in such a small boat.
Perfect fit for true sailors that want to have a place to hide from the harsh weather conditions, rest and make a nice meal after adventures battles with the winds.

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