Adriatic Sea ~ Legends and fables you cannot miss
The Adriatic Sea is the most indented section of the Mediterranean Sea on the continent of Europe.

In its present shape, it was formed by the rising of the sea level by 96 meters following the last ice age in the Pleistocene period, when valleys and basins were submerged, and the dry land emerged as elongated islands, separated by sea channels.

The Croatian Adriatic coastline is 1,777 km long and occupies most of the eastern Adriatic shoreline. 
These are the facts. But, wandering for the beauty and mythology as we are, we prefer the story below...

Legend says that Scirocco, Bora (winds) and their children lived in a faraway land: Illiria.
Velebit had dark curly hair and the beautiful Adria was slim and had beautiful blue eyes and golden hair.
Once Scirocco, longing for knowing new worlds, decided to leave to come back only after seven long years.

While he was approaching his land again he was imprisoned by a wicked wizard. He wanted to kidnap the beautiful Adria because he was madly in love with her. One night the wizard went to submit the inhabitants of Illiria .
Velebit didn’t want to surrender though. So he prayed to the Gods to turn him into a stone and the mountains that protect North Dalmatia originated.

The sweet and lovely Adria was turned into sea... the Adriatic sea.