The "Croatia for Children"

We're over the moon to be back for the third year running, contributing our sailboats to this amazing project that brings joy to children as they set sail.

The "Croatia for Children" Foundation is an institution dedicated to supporting children in Croatia to ensure they have a higher quality and more enriching upbringing. The Foundation works through the design and implementation of its projects and supports the work of other institutions whose mission includes the welfare of children.

As mentioned on their blog: "This year, charter companies have generously made their sailboats available free of charge. The result is friendship, companionship, empathy, laughter, joy, experiences, support, and memories. It ensures that the public is aware of children's needs and that the Foundation represents an effective platform for the Government of the Republic of Croatia in the daily improvement of their growth and development conditions.

Source: Zaklada Hrvatska za djecu

Why It Matters and How You Can Help

We have been part of this project for three years and have only good things to say about it. We think that participating in projects like this is incredibly important. When we provide our sailboats for these children, we are giving them more than just a day on the water. We are offering them a chance to experience joy, build friendships, and create lasting memories.

We believe that every company has the power to make a difference. We help the community and enjoy smooth communication and coordination. We love seeing the children smiling on our boats. We hope many of them will learn to sail and look forward to having them back.

Participating in projects like this is very important. When we provide our sailboats for these children, we give them more than just a day on the water. We offer them a chance to experience joy, make friends, and create lasting memories. These moments can positively impact their development. We believe every company can make a difference. We invite other charter companies and businesses to support the "Croatia for Children" Foundation. By donating resources, time, or financial support, we can ensure a better future for these children together. Let's create a community of care and generosity that supports the next generation.

Let's do what we can to bring them more joy and opportunities.

Find out more on their web page Zaklada Hrvatska za djecu