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Croatia is...

Land of lavender, olive oil, savor vines, where fish is taken from the sea just for you.

Land of 1000 islands dispersed over crystal clear sea.

Land of history that reaches ancient stone age, where antic temples meet renaissance palaces, baroque theatres, gothic cathedrals, melted in modern Mediterranean architecture.

Land of people who are in synergy with nature grow natural food, make exceptional vine and olive oil, and wait to make you feel really special.

Make sure you try and taste a bit of everything while sailing with us.

Chartering your own boat with or without a skipper gives you complete freedom to design your dream holiday. No stress, no rush, no pressure, just you and the idyllic Adriatic Sea – the possibilities are endless. You can sail away anytime you want, visit any place you like, and completely enjoy your sailing holiday.

Here are some beauties waiting for you: Eliana, Tonka, Ciao Bella, Olelole, Diamante,.,.,., check out the whole fleet and pick something for yourself.

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