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Adele | Hanse 548 - 5 + 1 cab.

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Boat Details

Built: 2022
Length: 16.22 m
Cabins: 5
Category: Sailing yacht
Manufacturer: Hanse Yachts
Beds: 12
Toilet: 3
Model: Hanse 548 - 5 + 1 cab.
Base: Marina Kastela, Croatia

Boat Description

Introducing the Hanse 548, an embodiment of luxury and functionality in the world of sailing. Adele, as she is affectionately known, stands out with a spacious deck and a plush interior that accommodates up to 12 passengers across 5 cabins. The vessel's thoughtful design includes 10 berths and 2 additional berths for an enhanced level of comfort and flexibility.

Navigating the seas with Adele is a refined experience, thanks to the integration of furling/roll technology in both the main sail and genoa. The yacht features dual steering wheels, offering precise control and ease of handling during your voyage. Whether you're setting sail for a tranquil journey or seeking a high-end yachting experience, Adele combines opulent features with cutting-edge technology, making her a top-tier choice for those who appreciate sailing in style and comfort.

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