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Navis Celere | Salona 380

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Boat Details

Built: 2017
Length: 11.6 m
Cabins: 3
Category: Sailing yacht
Manufacturer: AD Boats
Beds: 8
Toilet: 1
Model: Salona 380
Base: Marina Kastela, Croatia

Boat Description

Meet the Salona 380, a sleek and agile sailboat yacht that seamlessly blends performance and comfort. Crafted in 2017, this 38-foot beauty is designed with a nod to tradition, featuring a slender coach house and expansive side decks.

When it comes to performance, the Salona 380 boasts an impressive pedigree, making it an ideal cruiser straight out of the box. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice, the yacht's user-friendly design ensures it's easy to handle even when sailing solo. The uncluttered deck layout further enhances the sailing experience, providing a seamless environment for both relaxation and maneuvering. 

Built to accommodate the needs of a sailing enthusiast, the Salona 380 offers three cabins, providing ample space for a comfortable retreat. With berths for six plus an additional two, this yacht is registered for a total of eight passengers. Whether you're planning an adventurous journey with friends or a family getaway, the Salona 380 promises a delightful and memorable sailing experience.

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