''I wanted freedom, open air, and adventure, I found it on the sea.'' 
Not sure who said that, but couldn't agree more.

We have a great team here at Sail Club Croatia and I look forward to building upon that team as we continue to develop a charter and make it the premier solution for your boats. Our plan is to grow the fleet, give people the resources they need, and continue to deliver the highest quality service to our customers.

We have been Sailing your way since 2003.

This year the company reached its 20th anniversary, and it felt like the right time to refresh our logo and create a new look. Back when we first started out in the industry, we knew we needed to play it safe in terms of our brand and identity. We looked at our competitors and carved out an identity based on the inspiration we found around us. We played it conservatively, and it worked. Over the last 20 years, and after over 10.000 successfully completed charters, we have bypassed many of our competitors in terms of charter service, experience, customer care, and more.

We wanted a re-branding that would reflect our new, more youthful & vibrant personality, we wanted novelties to reflect the new direction of our company. So, SailCroatia became Sail Club Croatia. Ranging from soft and delicate pink to strong blue, our logo mark interprets the Croatian sky full of colors melting into the Adriatic Sea. There is nothing better than being on the water and being on vacation at the same time. SCC is a visual expression of the colors of sunsets transitioning into the water on sunny days that inhabit Croatia. In sum, we feel that we’ve finally elevated Sail Club Croatia from a reliable boat rental company to a mature, modern, and innovative company in the charter space with an extremely bright future. With this new, unique branding approach, we finally feel like we’ve grown up into the kind of company we’ve always been behind closed doors.

I hope you enjoy the new face of Sail Club Croatia, and that it brings a little bit of brightness to your sailing vacations. I am confident that my team, full of young people, has what it takes to make our client's expectations climb higher each time they decide to sail with us! I want to thank you for being by our side all this time! Let's honor the past and look to the future together! I look forward to welcoming you this summer and extend my best wishes on behalf of all of us at Sail Club Croatia.

We continue Sailing Your Way...

If you have any questions about Sail Club Croatia and our plans or some questions regarding your boat please feel free to contact me directly at any time. I can be reached at marija@sailclubcroatia.com or by phone at +385 91 2889 259.

Wishing you all a successful next season and always to have seven feet under the keel.

Marija Sekulić Dumanić