Korčula is definitely one of the most beautiful and most peaceful islands in Croatia. It is probably best known as the birth place of Marco Polo, but how much do you actully know about this magical island? Here are some interesting facts about Korčula:

  • Korčula is the sixth largest island in the Adriatic. The Old Town used to have 3,000 residents, but now just 300 remain.
  • The name Korčula comes from the Greek word, Korchira, which means ‘palace through the rocks’.
  • According to the Greek mythology, Trojan warrior Antenor founded the Korcula in the 11th century BC. During the Trojan War, when the Greeks went into the city of Troy, the Greek king Menelaus decided to spare Antenor and his family. Antenor, his wife Teana and their four sons were able to leave and take all their possessions free. They headed towards the Adriatic Sea and on the site of today’s Korcula they built a new home. Today, at the entrance to the old town of Korcula there is a Latin text on a stone board, which dates back to 16th century and which says: «After the burning of Troy these walls were built by Antenor».
  • Korčula’s street layout is shaped like a fishbone. The narrow side streets jut off the main street at an angle, never perpendicularly. This is to protect the town and its residents from the mighty sea winds.
  • Philosopher’s Street is the only street in Korčula Town without steps.
  • Three times during the summer months Lumbarda hosts a donkey race. You can either cheer on the competitors or take part yourselves. You just need to register with the local tourist board. The winning prize is a whole prsut ham.*
  • Every June 30th Korcula Town is turned into a giant carnival with live music, food and drinks stalls and lots of people gathered to celebrate half new year! The party continues well into the following morning with a firework display at midnight.*

*These events probably aren’t as big as they used to be, due to Covid-19 pandemic, but are still worth mentioning, and attending!

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