The uniqueness of the archipelago is that its area is densely "populated" by bigger and smaller islands, so the passages between them are sometimes almost like a maze among the rocks.

Despite the semi - desert appearance of a large part of the islands, the flora and fauna of the archipelago are rich both on the land and underwater. The name of the archipelago is the plural form of the name of the largest island, called Kornat (Italian: is ola Incoronata). There are no permanent settlements in Kornati. Simple houses in various small bays such as Vrulje, Kravjačica, Lavsa and others are used by mainland landowners as temporary shelters.

The Kornati National park is open through the whole year , you can enjoy the quietness and serenity of the natural sea ambiance and the fresh air. This region is ideal for water sports (sailing, sport - recreational fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling) and for those who enjoy seclusion, better known as Robinson tour ism. These things make your visit to the Kornati National park a unique experience!

If you try it, you will know what we are talking about!