Lets us look after your precious boat.

Owning a boat is never trouble-free but we take the hassle out of any work.
Proper maintenance and regular service are imperative to keep it running safely, no matter what size boat you have.

We, at Sail Club Croatia, are trained and experienced technicians able to offer you a full yacht maintenance & repairs service.
We do whatever is needed to maintain the outside, underside, and inside of the boat.

Our maintenance program is for our charter management partners and for private owners and/or charterers as well.

Offering a range of yacht services including:
Antifouling & hull polishing
Winch servicing
Gel coat & GRP repairs
Engines and Electrics
Mast & rigging
Deck equipment & hardware
Sail & cover repairs
Wood and teak repairs/renovations
Regular and winter service

What we do is to:
Bring in the right people for the job!
Get the work done quickly!
Get you the best value for your money!

Depending on the boat type and size please send us an email for a customized quote.