We are rebranding!

SailCroatia has been Sailing your way since 2003.

Since the company is reaching its 20th anniversary, it felt like the right time to refresh our logo and create a new look.
To show our gratitude for our customers, we will celebrate 20 years by re-branding!
We want novelties to reflect the new direction of our company.

Our team is more than just employees and when it comes to the average age of our employees, we are happy to be one of the youngest charters in Croatia, which results in the most productive environment. Never-ending positivity and bright side thinking are what keep us going day by day perfecting the best quality service! 

SailCroatia Charter becomes SailClub Croatia.

The logo is a modernized version of the original one.

We wanted a re-branding that would reflect our new, more youthful, and vibrant personality.
It is essential for us not to lose the original meaning of the company’s name, but to make it more accessible and appealing.

SailClub Croatia wants its logo to be a little more modern, a little more stylish, and a lot less corporate. Ranging from soft and delicate pink to strong blue, our logo mark interprets the Croatian sky full of colors melting into the Adriatic sea. 

There is nothing better than being on the water and being on vacation at the same time. SCC is a visual expression of the colors of sunsets transitioning into the water on sunny days that inhabit Croatia.

Each year we upgrade our fleet with new boats, which we excellently maintain guaranteeing extra quality to our guests. For 20th anniversary we are proud to present 2 BRAND NEW ELAN IMPRESSION 43 (Giovannina & Trinity) + Lagoon 40.

We are confident our team full of young people has what it takes to make our clients expectations climb higher each time they decide to to sail with us

Our official name is now SAIL CLUB CROATIA doo, (VAT number and address remain the same) our website is www.SAILCLUBCROATIA.com and emails have sailclubcroatia extension.

We want to thank you for being by our side all this time! Let's honor the past and look to the future together! 

We continue Sailing your way! 

Your SailClub Croatia team