Sail into Extra Fun with Our Exciting Extras in Croatia!

Welcome aboard to an exhilarating sailing experience with us in Croatia!

With over 20 sailboats and 3 luxurious catamarans, we are here to make your sailing adventure truly memorable.

Beyond providing top-notch vessels and expert crew, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure you and your friends have an unforgettable time in the pristine waters of the Adriatic.

Join us as we unveil our exclusive extras, designed to elevate your sailing trip to new heights of fun and relaxation.

Dolce Gusto - Sailing with a Caffeine Kick!

Picture yourself gliding through the crystal-clear waters of the Croatian coastline, sun-kissed and refreshed. But what if we told you that you could indulge in your favorite coffee while savoring the tranquil seascape? Our Dolce Gusto coffee machine, lets you brew a variety of premium coffees, espressos, and hot beverages on demand.
Rise and shine with a steaming cup of coffee, or unwind with a soothing latte as you watch the mesmerizing sunset on the horizon.

With Dolce Gusto, your sailing journey will be infused with a caffeine kick that keeps you energized and ready for every adventure that lies ahead.

Floaties - Float Away into Relaxation

The essence of sailing lies in relaxation and unwinding amidst the beauty of nature.
So, we've got something extra special for those who want to make a splash and bask in the sun while floating on the gentle waves. Our assortment of fun-filled floaties awaits you! From comfortable loungers to whimsical inflatable animals, these floaties are the perfect companions for lazy afternoons in the water. Drift away, soak up the warm rays, and let the worries of the world dissolve as you embrace the carefree ambiance of the sea.

Ice Maker - Chilling Out Made Easy

As the sun graces the azure sky, there's nothing more refreshing than a cool beverage to quench your thirst. To keep your sailing crew refreshed throughout the voyage, we offer the convenience of an ice maker on board. Chill your drinks, create delightful cocktails, and relish ice-cold refreshments whenever you desire. With our ice maker, you'll always have a refreshing sip close at hand, adding a touch of indulgence to your sailing escapade.

Kayak - Paddle Your Way to Hidden Coves

Exploring hidden coves, mysterious caves, and secluded beaches is a must on any Croatian sailing itinerary. Our complimentary kayaks allow you and your friends to venture into uncharted territories, paddling through tranquil waters and discovering the wonders of the Adriatic coastline. Whether you're an experienced kayaker or a first-timer, the thrill of paddling along the breathtaking cliffs and exploring secret spots will undoubtedly be a highlight of your sailing adventure.

Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) - Embrace the Serenity

For those seeking a more meditative and immersive experience on the water, our stand-up paddleboards offer the perfect balance between relaxation and exercise. Glide gracefully atop the calm sea, feeling one with nature as you soak in the beauty of Croatia's coastal scenery. Stand-up paddling is not just a recreational activity but also a mindful way to connect with the environment and enjoy the serenity that only sailing can provide.

At our charter company in Croatia, sailing is not just a journey; it's a complete experience crafted with love and attention to detail. Our extras, including the Dolce Gusto coffee machine, floaties, ice maker, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards, are carefully curated to add joy, convenience, and unforgettable moments to your adventure at sea.
So, gather your friends, pack your sense of adventure, and set sail with us to discover the breathtaking beauty of the Croatian coast while immersing yourself in the pleasure of our delightful extras.

To see these extras in action and find out more about our incredible sailing experiences, don't forget to check out our YouTube video!

Happy sailing!

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