Meet our dolphins! Vivi, Stripi & Apple.

Dolphins are one of the most fascinating creatures in the sea. They are highly intelligent, social animals with a wide range of communication skills. Dolphins are also incredibly playful and have been known to interact with humans in a variety of ways.

We are proud to say we had adopted dolphins from Blue World Institution who recognise their invaluable role in the ecosystem.

Adopting dolphins is a unique and rewarding way to help protect these majestic creatures. By supporting a dolphin adoption program, you can help fund vital research and conservation efforts, as well as provide a safe home for dolphins that are unable to survive in the wild. When you adopt a dolphin, you are making an important contribution to the well-being of dolphins and health of our oceans.

Join this amazing project and you will receive photos, stories, and updates about your adopted dolphin, as well as an adoption certificate and an information packet about the species. You can also connect with other dolphin-lovers and work together to help protect these incredible animals.

Adopting a dolphin is an amazing way to make a positive impact on the environment, and to show your commitment to protecting these incredible creatures! Dolphins are truly amazing animals and deserve protection and respect! We are so happy we can be the part of of this amazing project!

Code of conduct while dolphin watching:

  • do not overstay your welcome
  • give them space
  • dolphins need privacy, just like us
  • follow parallel to their course
  • introduce yourself politely

Vivi, Apple, and Stripi are sure to bring you a lot of joy.

We hope you have many wonderful experiences with them and can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you experienced in Croatia to do together.

Many thanks to Blue World Institute for helping to protect these incredible and many other sea creatures!

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