Whether someone is an experienced sailor or new to sailing,

skippers are there to make sure every  sailing holiday runs smoothly                                                                                                              

Booking a professional skipper is an excellent choice if you want to have 
someone else take on the responsibility of the day to day operation of the yacht.

We hand pick our skippers. What does that mean?

We ensure that they have a passion for sailing with exceptional local knowledge and proven track record for customer service.

We continually monitor their performance and make every effort to
pick the right skipper, hostess or chef for every group. 


  • professional sailors local knowledge
  • hidden gems
  • security and less stress
  • relaxed sailing holiday

If you prefer sailing your own boat, you can book hostess or chef, 
or combine all three of these services.

Hostess is hospitality professional in nautical tourism who will help with following:

  •  keeping the cabins and other parts of the boat tidy
  •  help you with moorings
  •  do the provisioning
  •  prepare breakfast and/or light lunch or dinner