The coastal waters of Sibenik contain an archipelago of 249 islands stretching out over 157 square kilometers. In this constellation of islands, only six have a permanent population that totals less than 7000 people. Needless to say, these little islands make marvelous getaways if you're looking for a rustic vacation experience. The six inhabited islands are linked by daily ferries, a drawbridge and a boat.

Here are some of the most beautiful islands you should visit when sailing through Sibenik archipelago.

Kaprije Island

Kaprije is a rare oasis full of clean air which seems to have remained trapped in the past far from the modern world. The island is car free, so it is a suitable destination for those who want to get away from city noise and give themselves a full holiday. On Kaprije there is an ambulance, shop, post office and everything else needed for a normal life and that is why it is constant destination for many sailors who come here on holiday.

Krapanj Island

Small and sparsely populated, this island is famous for its traditional sponge industry. The island of Krapanj is the lowest and the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic. Its highest altitude does not exceed 1.25 m and it is only 300 m away from the mainland. Krapanj is the island of the centuries-old tradition of diving, sponge harvesting and processing and fishing. The centre of Krapanj composes of mostly stone houses, which form a network of narrow stone streets, characteristic of the Dalmatian landscape. A centuries-old pine forest and the monastery of the Holy Cross must be pointed out. The museum of the monastery houses numerous exhibits that show the life on Krapanj in the past.

Murter Island

At 19 sq km, it's the largest island in the archipelago and is reachable by a drawbridge over the Murter channel. Murter has a very indented coastline which means there are many bays with various beaches. The most famous beaches are on the southern side of the island which isprotected from bura wind. Slanica is the main island beach located on the southern side of the island. This is one of the most visited beaches with many contents and animation program. The beach is sandy and rocky, the water is shallow so it is perfecr for children and non-swimmers.

Prvic Island

Prvić is a small island of only 2.3 sq km with two villages, a little beach and lots of vineyards. It is situated about half a mile from the mainland, in the vicinity of Vodice. The whole island is under protection of the Croatian Ministry of Culture since the island is considered a cultural heritage.

Zirje Island

Žirje Island is the furthest and the largest island in the Šibenik archipelago. It is known as a fishing settlement and a rich fishing area. It is also known for its natural beauty, clear blue sea, natural rocky beaches such as the ones in the Large and Small Coves, as well as Stupica and Koromačna which are seafarer destinations. The locals mainly occupy themselves with growing grapes, olives and figs. The island is the perfect place for a peaceful vacation away from city noise.

Zlarin Island

The island is most famous for its coral which is turned into jewelry. The islanders traditionally engage in agriculture, fishing, wine growing and sponge diving. Zlarin has beautiful swimming beaches, a sandy beach, it offers peace and quiet (cars are not allowed on the island), as well as picturesque nature, and its inhabitants are hospitable and friendly, therefore, we recommend it to families with children and all of those looking for tranquility.

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