˝First we eat, then we do everything else˝
   M.F.K. Fisher

With thousands of islands and a population that learns to fish as soon as they can walk, seafood is very popular in Croatia.
We are sure you've heard about the famous Octopus under the bell (Peka) or grilled fish or black risotto.
But that doesn't mean meat should be a side dish, as believe us when we say, there is a great restaurant, just a few minutes away from marina Kaštela
(we tried them all on regular basis) that serves great food, especially meat.

Restaurant ODMOR
Restaurant Odmor is located just 5 minutes away from marina Kaštela.
Location is nothing special, but it is one of the best grill restaurants in the area.
Food is fresh and tasty, portions are big, the staff is friendly. Consisted also of an outside terrace covered in shadows.

                                                                                                                                                                             What else could we ask for? 

A small bistro AL DENTE, 5 minutes away from marina Kaštela, next to shopping center Metro, is an excellent choice for early lunch, with affordable prices and above all, delicious daily meals & exquisite cakes.
https://www.facebook.com/bistro.aldente.split/ Pašticada - tuna fish (a must - try)
Besides other daily meals, Al dente offers Pašticada with beef but also tuna. Chili con carne is also one of our favorite choices.
Sometimes, you just need a cake Perhaps their best thing is cake. Amazing cheesecake, raw cakes, Splitska torta cake (old recipe cake from Split)...
                                                                                            We are not even sure which one to choose, so we have a deal; 1 cake each week.

Restaurant ŠTACIJA
Restaurant Štacija, about 15 minutes away from Marina Kaštela, is our favorite one. With a great location, amazing sea view and attractive interior, this hotel/restaurant has delicious food as well. http://www.stacija - hotel.com/ Starters... We combined a few starters and we did not regret it. With freshly baked bread, perhaps this was the best thing they offer, but the main meals were more than wonderful. https://www.facebook.com/hotelstacija
Main Course - Wild boar stew
We tried a classical burger, homemade pasta but what we wanted to try is wild boar stew and it was great. With a glass (or two) of red wine, the combination with bread dumplings was a hit.