Waterfalls of the Krka River

ROŠKI SLAP - Quiet side of Krka National Park
With its seven travertine waterfalls: Bilušića buk, Brljan, Manojlovac slap, Rošnjak, Miljacka slap, Roški slap and Skradinski buk , the Krka River is a natural and karst phenomenon and it is a must - visit if you are heading up north to explore Northern Dalmatia.
Although many people are mostly visiting Skradinski buk to swim in the majestic buk falls, we also recommend Roški slap.
Not because of the fall itself as much as we love its cascades ( also popular by the locals with the name 'necklace' ). But also beautiful surrounding vegetation, mills which have been fully restored and the view you get when climbing to see Oziđana cave. The fall by itself is not spectacular as Skradinski buk, that is true. Nevertheless, the short hike around the necklaces above it and the climb to the cave offer magnificent views of the river and surrounding.

Roški slap was named after the Rog hill - fort (Rog = horn), whose ruins are barely visible today. You can find a lot of information about Krka and waterfalls online as well as Roški slap, so we will share with you the beauties which we experienced by ourselves. Don't expect big waterfalls, as there is only one, Roški slap, which you can not reach closely, but the surrounding is what we like about this area. As mentioned above, Oziđana cave is one of them. Although Oziđana cave is important due to many traces of human settlement that have been found there (fragments of ceramic dishes, stone artifacts, human bones...) from the presence of all Neolithic cultures to the Bronze age and those findings were reason to conclude that this natural structure served humans as a living area, it is also a great view point for cascades which can be beautifully seen; you just need to climb those 517 steps :).

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER! Wear solid sneakers and have a bottle of water with you as those stairs can be challenging due to rocky ground for most of your way up. Also , be careful during photoshoots! A good picture is not worth you being hurt or worse.

The lower parts of Roski Slap are suitable for everyone, kids, adults and persons in wheelchairs (for some areas) so do not feel guilty if you do not climb those stairs, as this part of Krka Waterfalls have so much to offer besides Oziđana cave. If you get hungry, you can enjoy the restaurant by the waterfall with delicious ham and cheese, homemade wine or a cold beer with feet in the water.

How to reach it? From Šibenik, you can reach Roški slap via the roads Šibenik - Pakovo - Ključ - Širitovci or Šibenik - Skradin - Dubravice - Rupe - Laškovica. You can al so reach Roški slap via the river from Skradinski buk on an excursion boat road provided by the Public Institution of Krka National Park.