Besides keeping the boat clean inside, preparing your food and clearing after meals hostess is someone who will do her best to make your vacation more memorable and pleasant.

This can include helping you choose the most suitable restaurants for your dinners, advice on places of interest where you stop off (you should not just readout of your guide book).
Whether you are interested in visiting the local sights, exploring the island, buying souvenirs, or maybe just having some time on your own you cannot beat local knowledge. Your hostess is more than aware of the fact that any boat offers very limited space and she will provide you with enough privacy. She also recognizes when is the best time to start preparing your meals or to go shopping for groceries or take her time off…  

The tasks of the hostess vary based on the number of crew members but usually include:
Preparing the boat inside:
 - check the galley inventory (please consider that cooking on the boat is not exactly the same as cooking at home, it is adjusted to simple and practical preparation of meals)
- check if the charter company provides a broom and a dustpan, preferably some  clothes pegs, kitchen cloths and similar objects or they need to be purchased.
- check the number of sheets, pillows, and covers and prepare the beds.

The hostess will be on the boat to greet the guests upon their arrival and help settle in. It is a custom that the hostess can advise the guests on the provisioning for the charter and method of payment before departure. (It is usual practice that she is accompanied by at least one of the guests while shopping for the first time to make joint decisions while choosing the best food for the trip.).

Once back on board, the hostess will stow the provisions ready for sea.
The hostess will also do the daily shopping – getting fresh bread, pastry, fresh produce from the green market and other necessities. The hostess prepares and serves breakfast and lunch (or dinner) at the time previously agreed with guests as well as the skipper. Other meals can be arranged if both parties agree with the change of fee.

Keep in mind that your hostess is not a professional cook and that you cannot demand specific sorts of meals (like specialties of other different foreign countries or the dishes that demand extended preparation).
Your hostess will do her best to provide a varied Mediterranean menu, full of local food, rich in fresh vegetables and fruit, seafood…
Cooking on the boat is simplified but definitely not less tasty. The hostess will wash up and put away the dishes after meals and make the salon tidy A couple of times a week she will check and clean your showers.

The guests can also arrange a babysitting service if necessary, but this adds to the hostessing fee depending on the number of children and the time spent babysitting. Since sailing is done on boats of different sizes and not always in the best of weather conditions, your skipper might also require some help.

When required, the hostess will help the skipper during maneuvers (coming in and out of marinas, dropping anchor, refueling etc) and then finish her other duties – Remember, safety on any boat always comes first.

In addition, the hostess has the right to her daily rest and privacy, of course, after her duties are fulfilled.