"Not everyone is environmentally conscious or wants to worry about it.
That doesn't discourage us."
Marija Sekulić Dumanić, CEO

"We actively collaborate with partners who clean the beaches, and we have been offering significant discounts on our boats for environmental initiatives for several years now.
We believe these practices and commitments are essential for shaping our future."
Marija Sekulić Dumanić, CEO

As CEO of Sail Club Croatia for the past three years, Marija has witnessed firsthand the importance of taking care of our planet. Through our efforts, we have made significant changes for our company and the environment. 

Go Big. Go Green. Be the example.

We have made several significant decisions to create a more
promising future. 

  • We have chosen to adopt dolphins, providing them with a better quality of life.
  • We have transitioned our check-in and check-out procedures to a digital platform (TheCharterApp), reducing paper waste.
  • We actively participate in cleaning Adriatic beaches
  • We have taken the initiative to use recycled copy paper.
  • In our relentless pursuit of environmentally conscious practices, we have implemented yet another green initiative: the installation of solar panels on our boats. By harnessing the sun's power, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.

~ Building on these efforts, we have recently taken another significant step toward a greener future by exclusively utilizing Eco products and we are making sure every charter has its own Green Eco Pack with NatureSafe Marine products. ~

Green Eco Pack includes the next products:
              ● Hand Soap
              ● All-Purpose Cleaner
              ● Dishwashing Liquid
              ● Bio Sanitizer spray for hands

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